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For most people in phoenix, transmission repairs are a problem that is enough to give drivers a sinking feeling that cannot be ignored. Transmission repairs are something that will eventually have to be dealt with. Transmission repairs, Phoenix AZHowever, there are a few things that can be done to preserve your transmission for many years, and minimize the costs of repairs when they must be conducted.

The interesting thing about transmission maintenance services is the importance of minor maintenance procedures performed on a regular schedule. There is something of a quandary surrounding the automotive transmission, but this is mostly due to the general misunderstanding of the transmission at large.

Your transmission is a fragile piece of machinery, but it has been designed to last for several years. This is a problem because if it is not properly cared for then it can suffer massive damage, incurring serious costs to repair. Because of the sensitivity of the transmission, it is hugely important to take steps to preserve your transmission against damage.

The procedure for keeping your transmission in the best condition possible for the longest time possible has more to do with the transmission fluid than taking it apart and replacing components. Though it is true that there will eventually be a need to open the transmission for major maintenance, it is more important to keep up on the minor maintenance then worry about when the major repairs are necessary.

Transmission fluid is the most important thing to keep track of, as a driver, there are a few things that you can watch out for that will extend the life of your transmission for years, and save you a bundle by keeping the cost of maintenance at a minimum.

Correct Fluid Level – keeping the proper level of fluid in your transmission is extremely important. This is important to keep track of because too little fluid cannot lubricate the transmission sufficiently to keep the temperature down and allow the smooth transition between gears. Interestingly enough, too much fluid can cause frothing and this can cause overheating as well.

Fluid Health – Over time, transmission fluid will gather contaminants and become dirty. In truth, the dirt collected by the fluid is only a part of the problem. As you drive, the changing of gears can break off tiny pieces of the gear wheels and send them through the transmission. This is essentially the same as sending sand through the transmission, so the fluid must be changed from time to time in order to stop this problem from occurring.

Transmission leaks – If ever you spot a transmission leak, it is paramount to your transmission to deal with the problem immediately. Transmission leaks will eventually drain the transmission fluid and provide the fast track to overheating and massive damage to this expensive and essential component of your vehicle.

We take great pride in helping our customers keep their vehicles in the best condition possible. Part of this process is doing our part to provide the essential information on how your vehicle runs, and giving you the knowledge necessary to make the right decisions about maintenance.


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