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Engine Repairs Phoenix AZMaking sure that your engine maintains its performance over the years can easily be considered the most important part of extending its life. The truth is, a well cared for engine helps to maximize the investment in your vehicle. Not only can you expect to have a well running vehicle for the duration of your vehicles life, but you also preserve the resale value of your car in the event that you wish to sell it.

We understand the important of preserving the intrinsic value of your vehicle. This is why we take steps to help our customers understand what is necessary to make a full return on their investments, not only in the initial cost of the vehicle, but also the costs of maintenance.

In order to better understand what your engine needs to stay healthy and provide you many years of use, it is very helpful to know a few things about what to watch out for and how to avoid serious repair costs.

  • Oil Change – Everyone knows that their vehicle will require an oil change from time to time. Most people don’t worry about the reasons why or consider the direct consequences of neglecting this important service. Engine oil is the primary lubricant for the major machinery that drives your vehicle forward. Keeping clean oil at the correct level in your engine takes major strain off your engine and allows it to run more efficiently.
  • Cooling Systems – the vast majority of engine problems have a direct correlation to overheating. This is because heat makes the inner components of your engine more malleable and less able to handle the strain that occurs with each engine revolution. Considering that you’re your engine makes several thousand revolutions per minute, it is clear that keeping the temperature in check is of major importance.
  • Fuel systems – though there may be gas in your tank, your engine may have difficulty processing it. Misfires in the fuel system are like delivered to the engine and cause the remaining cylinders to work overtime to compensate. If allowed to go unchecked, this can cause localized problems in the engine and rob you of functionality. The cost effectiveness of opening the engine to replace one small yet vital component is a sad waste of our customer’s dollars.
  • Belts and hoses – the best way to stop minor issues from occurring is to make sure that proper attention is allotted to the health of the belts and hoses that keep your engine running. Generally, a visual inspection of the belts and hoses is enough to allow you to stay ahead of the problems, and plan in advance for the day that they need replacement.

At Blackwell Automotive, we want our customers to get the most out of their vehicles no matter what the future holds. By paying attention to the small things in engine service, you can expect to see your vehicle provide you with years of reliable service. Let us help you maximize your investment, and give your vehicle the care it needs to keep going.


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