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Much Brake Repair Phoenixthought is often directed towards keeping your car moving, but when you need to stop; no chances can be taken. In phoenix, brake repairs are often a source of fierce competition between auto repair shops. This leads to price wars which consistently lower the quality of the labor, and the quality of the parts involved in the service. For us at Blackwell automotive, we are extremely sensitive to the fact that brake services are necessary to preserve our customer’s vehicle, as well as save the lives of our customers and the other drivers on the road.

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We take absolutely no chances with the care of your vehicles brakes. In this arena, cutting corners so save a few pennies is simply unacceptable because it risks the safety of anyone in the vehicle. We take this responsibility very seriously and have taken steps to make sure that your safety is accounted for by using high quality parts, and certified technicians to conduct all repairs to your vehicle.

By using high quality NAPA brand parts installed by ASE certified technicians, we provide access to the NAPA Peace of Mind Warranty. This warranty covers both parts and labor for 1 year or 12 thousand miles nationwide, so when your brakes are serviced at Blackwell Automotive, you can feel secure in the proper function of your brakes when you need it most.

At the heart of what we do here at Blackwell Automotive is giving our customers the confidence to drive their vehicles without the worry that car troubles will interrupt the flow of their daily lives. Arming our customers with knowledge as to how their vehicles function and the maintenance required is part of our job as automotive service professionals. We invite you to ask questions about any of the services we perform to expand your knowledge of your vehicle, or speak to our service advisers about what we can do to keep your vehicle reliable.

We have put together the short list of brake related services that will help ensure your safety in regards to your brakes.
Brake Pads – Replacing your brake pads is the first level of regular maintenance that must be performed to keep your brakes functional. Because your brake pads are designed to absorb friction and stop your vehicle, your brakes pads will wear down and need replacement from time to time. If this is neglected, your vehicles stopping power will be greatly reduced. Damage can also occur at the brake rotors and create some very strange side effects.

Brake rotors – Brake rotors will generally last a lifetime, but if they are allowed to be destroyed through neglect of the brake pads. The costs of replacing brake rotors is much higher than replacing brake pads, so it is very prudent to avoid paying these costs by keeping your brake pads in good condition.

Power Brake System – the power brake system is what transfers the force of your foot to the brake calipers and stops the wheels from turning. Keeping the proper level of brake fluid, and making sure that the brake lines are intact is one of the important things required to keep your brakes reliable. Occasionally, air can find its way into the brake lines, or leaks can develop. This can give your brake pedal a characteristic mushy feeling. Getting this problem solved is of vital important to your safety.

We understand that when dealing with your brakes, we are making a commitment to your safety that cannot shirked. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. We will be glad to provide you with the answers you need to make the correct decisions with your brakes.


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