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altHere at Blackwell Automotive in Phoenix we restore and repair Classic cars. Tom Blackwell and staff have over 140 years of exprience repairing antique and and Classic Cars. Please see our links to pages and websites and take a look!

Classic car repair in phoenix can be in high demand, but finding a shop that will treat you and your vehicle right is the real difficulty when it comes to classic vehicle repair. The fact is, classic vehicles are like a world unto themselves; the auto repair industry has changed over the years, and it takes experience with classic vehicles to get the job done right.

The simple fact that classic vehicles have more than a few years under the hood can make things a little difficult. In some cases, finding the correct parts for the vehicle can be a challenge, not to mention the list of potential problems that can be caused by neglect over the years.

There are several repairs that can represent a serious investment in classic vehicles and Street Rods. Not the least of these is the possibility that the transmission is failing, or that the fuel system may require serious work like fuel tank cleaning or relining. It is also important to understand that even if the vehicle has spent the vast majority of its life in the garage, there is still the possibility that serious repairs may be necessary. The reason for this is the fact that it is unhealthy for a vehicle to sit for long periods of time without being driven; though this may seem counter-intuitive, it is absolutely true.

Especially with classic vehicles, it is important to regularly tune up the engine and make sure that the engine timing remains within design tolerances. Furthermore, the electrical systems of classic cars are often neglected over the years and can degrade over the passage of time. By taking these things into account, it is more than possible to keep your vehicle running just as well as the day it was originally sold.

Regardless of whether or not your classic vehicle has been well taken care of in the past, it is always possible to repair a classic and keep it on the road for many years to come. Let’s face it, modern cars seem have a serious lack of personality, and it’s abundantly clear that the classics continue to stand the test of time.
No matter what condition the vehicle is in at the moment, you can take comfort in the fact that we have the tools, parts and experience necessary to bring your classic vehicle back to life. We invite you to contact us with any questions you have regarding the repair of your classic vehicle. Our staff is on hand to make sure that your vehicle gets the care fitting of a timeless classic.

At Blackwell Automotive, we understand that your classic vehicle is something that you care about deeply. For us, classic vehicles are a labor of love and deserve nothing but the best. This is why we make a habit of keeping our customers in the loop, and well aware of the progress of their vehicle, and when they can expect to get back on the road


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